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No one likes to pay taxes, and rates are consistently raised. However, sometimes taxes are incorrectly assessed or are over-assessed for a variety of reasons. Not only can this be an unfair tax burden upon the property owner, but it can also negatively affect the appraised value of the property.

In addition to appraising real property, our appraisers offer consultation services for Ad Valorem tax appeals and IRS property tax challenges, for both residential and commercial properties.

  • Each of our commercial appraisers began their career in mass appraisals and has a comprehensive understanding of the property tax system
  • The appraisers’ experience in senior positions for the Shelby County Tax Assessor’s Office and the Jefferson County Board of Equalization gives them invaluable knowledge of the taxation system.
  • Our appraisers have also served as expert witnesses for various courts in Alabama counties and have been selected as Commissioners under the Expeditious and Economic Tax Appeals Act in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama on various occasions.